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The Eminae Difference

Why Eminae?

Eminae Network is a new model that transcends the typical offerings available to help small and mid-market organizations truly grow and become more valuable.

Ask anyone who has successfully scaled their business or completed their exit strategy. They will tell you that their network was instrumental throughout the process. Rooted in experience, the perspective we offer and the resources we provide directly influence your company’s trajectory.

About Our Network

We are comprised of result-driven advisors who have demonstrated the highest levels of proficiency within their industries. Likewise, our peer CEO network features leaders from nearly every industry, supporting each other with invaluable connections, referrals, and collaborative discussions.


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Delivering Tangible Value

Dedicated Advisors

With backgrounds in accounting, business valuations, corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, succession planning, and beyond, our elite advisory team builds
connections and generates powerful referrals while passing along key expertise.

Strategic Networking

Through exclusive group forums, round tables and social events, members of our CEO and advisory network establish meaningful relationships with business leaders from a myriad of industries.

Exclusive Member Benefits

Through our strategic workshops, educational resources, and blend of in-person, digital, and hybrid events, we enable our members to overcome organizational challenges while achieving heightened business performance.

Expanding Opportunities

To support the future growth and development of our CEOs and advisors, we are committed to expanding Eminae by continuing to develop our M&A advisory ecosystem while building a network centered on investments and capital.

Engagements that Count

At the conclusion of every workshop, round table, consulting session, and engagement, our members always walk away with more than they were seeking. Whether that’s a new partnership, the solution to a long-standing challenge, or high-value referral, Eminae offers value at every opportunity.


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How We're Different Than:

Investment Banking Firms

Typically investment banking firms are far more expensive and looking for long-term deals to maximize fees. Also, they may be limited by the firm's experience, the employees in terms of their individual expertise and the firm's relationships in the marketplace. Conversely, our advisors are individual specialists and acknowledged experts in virtually every possible issue relating to business growth and transition.

Trusted Advisors

Trusted advisors... typically accountants, lawyers, business managers, financial people, insurance brokers, etc. while having a first hand knowledge of a business, may have some knowledge of M&A but not close to the depth of experience about the myriad issues that need to be analyzed and handled. Our advisors work hand-in-hand with clients as well as their trusted advisors to provide the best possible outcome for a business that is either in transition, or is planning for exit.

Networking Groups

Because our advisors are in such close relationships, we behave like a networking group in that we do provide business to each other when appropriate. And this action actually helps bond our members to each other, allow us an even deeper understanding of what we each bring to the table. And what we can transfer in terms of true expertise in our various discipline to Eminae's SMB clients to help them grow and eventually exit.

Peer Groups/Coaches

Peer groups and coaches that help dispense advice and alternatives to businesses are not only great conduits of business for our advisors but can work well with Eminae advisors who focus on the M&A aspects of a business lifecycle. Many of the peer group members as well as the coaches may have personal experience with M&A and certainly know how to grow businesses which provides a great foundation for them to take advantage of the deep expertise of our provide the greatest outcome for client and companies that we advise.

What Members are Saying