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About Us

Our Goal

Eminae Network is comprised of an exclusive group of elite trusted business and management consultants with one goal:

Help advise and educate companies that are seeking to exit with the most bounty for their sweat and risk. We also offer a long-term strategy for organic or acquisition-based growth to help forward-thinking businesses build value for an exit.

We Fill in the Gaps

We fill in the gaps so that you fully understand the myriad issues that can garner greater value in your deal, or present issues that need to be handled in order to complete a transaction.

Each of our advisors have his or her own specialty that can be critical to meeting your objectives. Depending on your unique circumstances, a number of our members who have applicable experience will work together as an Advisory Team for CEOs of lower to middle market companies as they engage in merger and acquisition activities.

Our Core Values


We Educate and bring Value to the Small Business Community


We Collaborate and serve as a resource for our advisors and CEOs


We Celebrate and Acknowledge the wins of our CEO clients and fellow Advisors' accomplishments

Founders Story

As both a Manager Partner of The NYBB Group and a Certified Mergers & Acquisitions Professional (CM&AP), Kyle Griffith noticed a significant gap between the transition goals of small to mid-sized business owners and the readiness of their businesses to be sold. With inadequate preparation, these clients stood to lose millions of dollars in the sale of their businesses, even after a lifetime of hard work. After foregoing professional advice, their retirements were now in jeopardy.


Kyle recognized the root of the problem: business owners weren’t sitting down with the proper advisors to maximize their business valuations, such as financial planners, attorneys, CPAs, and HR specialists. As a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Kyle immediately recognized this disconnect.


Inspired to create a mutually-beneficial ecosystem where business owners could gain trusted insight and advisors could secure new referrals, Kyle founded Eminae. His goal was to not only elevate business valuations in preparation for sale, but also empower company leaders to create sustainable, value-driven processes. His mission was to facilitate generational legacies through business ownership.


That’s when Kyle began putting his nearly three decades of entrepreneurial experience to work. By determining which advisory specializations and skillsets were key for scalable businesses, reaching out to his network, and conducting a thorough vetting process, Kyle built a robust team of top advisors. Centered on shared knowledge, Eminae’s advisory network grew to encompass insurance, tax, employee benefits, tech integration, and risk mitigation.


Having established an Advisor and CEO network, Kyle expanded Eminae beyond offering connections and referrals alone by incorporating networking opportunities, workshops, consulting one-on-ones, mastermind sessions, and business valuation tools. Every step of the way, he aspired to imbue budding founders and business leaders with the resources necessary for growth.


As Eminae continues to expand with qualified CEOs and trusted advisors, Kyle is committed to accelerating their growth and bridging the gap between insight and action. He is continuously working toward a network that drives heightened valuations and empowers business owners to actualize their well-planned goals.

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