Eminae Network Round Table

Eminae Network Round Table is an Exclusive “by invite only” business meeting featuring an elite group of business and management consultants that advise business owners seeking either a growth or an exit strategy. At each meeting members discuss challenges business owners face when running a company. Members collaborate, educate and share their industry-specific knowledge related to the subject matter at hand.

The meeting comprises of one adviser per industry, with each adviser having specialties on a specific aspect of a business life cycle including; Business Growth Strategy, Financial Planning, Legal, HR, Compliance, Insurance, owner legacy, etc.

Collaborators of business round table meeting consist of trusted advisers experienced in providing advice to small to mid-sized companies in the following areas :

· Accounting and Corporate Tax Services

· Business Banking and Financing 

· Business Planning and Management Consulting

· Business Valuation

· Corporate and Transaction Law

· Estate, Trust & Elder Law 

· Exit & Succession Planning

· Financial Planning

· Growth Strategy

· Human Resources, Workforce Management & Payroll

· Insurance Risk management & Employee Benefits

· M&A Advisory, Business Sale and Acquisition Services

The meeting is limited to about 8-12 guests which provides each adviser adequate time to share their insight and engage with the group. 

Couple reasons why you should attend this exclusive luncheon:


  • Network with trusted high caliber industry-specific business professionals.
  • No competing professionals – One person per industry.
  • Opulent Private Dining accommodations with appetizer, entrée and beverages included.
  • Opportunity to partner and collaborate with other participants.
  • Generate referrals and grow your business by connecting with trusted business advisers.