Roy Pellicano

Roy Pellicano

vCIO IT Consultant/Business Advisor

The global business landscape is undergoing revolutionary impact from the “Intelligence Era.”

Thriving in this era requires fundamental shifts in strategy ideation, planning, and execution, and many sectors struggle to integrate technology into the strategic business road-map. Many business leaders focus their growth strategy on their technical road-map under the past thinking that technology upgrades will give them the foundation to move ahead, failing to then recognize that the growth strategy focus needs to be on the business upgrade.

Your digital strategy is not about your technology. It is about your business. You need to look at your strategy and understand the fundamental shifts that technology is creating. These shifts have nothing to do with understanding the technology on a technological level, but rather understanding its impacts on your business.

Take the carpenter of your house, does she need to understand the underlying physics of the alloys in the fasteners she is using, or can she be just as effective understanding why and when to use a nail over a screw.

My work is based on this philosophy, and I am working on a book exploring this thinking. It will be aimed at the business leader rather than the technology leader, and in addition to providing guidance on how to understand and frame the business problem, I will be developing actual tools that the business leader can use to develop and implement these strategies.

If you have any interest in this I would love to work with you. Please feel free to contact me.