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Special Supplemental Edition

It was a grand evening for Eminae’s Members and guests that contributed to the enjoyable experience of lots of laughter, comradeship, and celebration of honorees at the Holiday Blacktie Event, held at the iconic Garden City Hotel, Thursday evening, December 14th, 2023!

Though it was a week filled with competitive social activities, our loyal Members stood in loyalty to Eminae and came out in their formals along with their colleagues, clients, and friends- thus making the event memorable!

We would be amiss not giving special recognition to our Members who were able to influence their guests to attend, for which we are eternally grateful. 

Kyle Griffith started this organization six (6) years ago with the vision of assembling a team of Trusted Advisors capable of supporting Merger & Acquisitions deals. Little did he know that his tireless effort to foster comradeship among the team would morph into a loving and caring family!

We thank Kyle for his relentless leadership in taking Eminae’s members to see what’s possible when we cohesively work together.

Congratulations, Kyle, for a job well done! We sincerely appreciate you and the vision you have for all of us!

Geoff Bruskin joined Eminae in September 2023 and has performed amazingly on the network. He invited the largest number of guests to the Eminae Holiday Blacktie Event, which filled an entire table and added to neighboring tables. He also recommended his associate, Cause of a Kind, as the Platinum Sponsor, allowing us to learn more about this young, vibrant organization with a clear and noble mission.  

Geoff is the Founder and Managing Partner of White Tiger Connections, serving the accounting sector. He is a member of Eminae’s Membership and Education Committee. Geoff’s influential integrity wins the respect of his community of friends. Imagine one of his guests came into town and requested they meet. Geoff’s schedule, being busy the week of the event, requested his friend to attend the Blacktie event so that they could connect. The friend was unprepared for a formal event and, with three days’ notification, got himself a black tie attire and attended. Geoff, your stalwart leadership is well-recognized and sincerely appreciated! We are happy that you are on our Eminae Team of Advisors. 

Congratulations, Geoff, for your outstanding performance on the Eminae Team for just being four (4) months old! 

You are deeply appreciated for all that you do to support Eminae’s vision and mission!

Bert Lurch, Gold Sponsor, tied for second with guests in attendance, is CEO and Co-Founder of ECentral Medical Management. He was the Eminae Holiday Blacktie Event Keynoter of a heartwarming talk. He shared his inspiring journey toward his 25-year business milestone and the growth of his successful business. He shared his rugged start in business, where many times the hope of success appeared dark. Nevertheless, he persevered with diligence and resiliency cultivated from childhood, which took him through many adversities.  

Today, Bert stands tall, with countless recognitions and awards celebrating his awesome accomplishment. His story encouraged many in his hearing to keep hope and dedication to their dreams alive. Armored with resiliency, many on their journey of hope will one day realize that their passion came to glorious fruitionWe thank Bert for the uplifting and edifying words of encouragement he shared with everyone around him and the support of Eminae’s Advisory Team. Bert received the Eminae Chief Executive Beacon Award and proclamation from the Nassau Office of Minority Affairs; so fitting for his life and business journey!

Congratulations Bert. We sincerely appreciate you! 

Anthony Tomaro, Eminae’s Holiday Blacktie Event Gold Sponsor—coming in with a tie for second position, with guests in attendance—is the partner-in-charge of Grassi Consulting Services. Anthony is a member of the Eminae Advisory Board. His highly spirited personality makes having him on any team a great asset in making others feel right at home. He has consistently supported Eminae’s social missions, which earned him the well-deserved recognition of Eminae’s Social Champion Award.

We congratulate Anthony for his loyalty, commitment, and performance for the cause. Anthony, you are sincerely appreciated!

Robert Depalo Jr., Eminae Holiday Blacktie Gold Sponsor; creating a tie for third position for guests in attendance; is Director of Business Planning at National Financial Network. Robert is a dedicated team player and a facilitator on the Eminae CEO Mastermind Facilitating Team and Committee and the Eminae Advisory Board. Robert is always ready to share his knowledge with anyone serious about wealth development, its growth, and management. Robert is the recipient of Eminae’s Education Excellence Award and the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations to Robert on his well-deserved recognition and fine performance on the Eminae Network. You are sincerely appreciated!

Doug Rowe, Eminae’s Gold Sponsor, tied for third position with guests attending the Holiday Blacktie Event. Doug is a Labor and Employment Practice Group partner at the law firm of Certilman Balin! Doug is an Eminae Advisory Board Member and a loyal and highly supportive member of the Eminae Network Advisors Team, many members of which are grateful to him for his thoughtfulness in referrals. His willingness to share his knowledge of HR compliance rules is also profoundly appreciated! He is the recipient of the well-deserved Eminae Mastermind Mentorship and the Eminae Collaboration Champion Awards.

Congratulations, Doug! You are sincerely appreciated!


Other Eminae Members also received recognition and awards for their readiness to support Eminae’s initiatives. 

They are:

Andy Jacobs serves on the Eminae Advisory Board, Education Committee. He is always willing to give feedback on questions asked of him or on commentary. We appreciate Andy for being the first contributor to the 2023 and 2024 Holiday Event funds. Andy is a recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations Andy! You are deeply appreciated!

Erin Hoffman serves on Eminae’s Advisory Board, Membership Committee, and Holiday Events Committee. Erin is known for giving anyone who meets her undivided attention, lifting their energy, and thus leaving them with a delightful, memorable experience. Erin is a recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Erin! You are indeed appreciated!!

Jason Kohl assists business owners with access to the right capital, commercial real estate, and related strategic planning. Jason is a committed facilitator at the Eminae CEO Mastermind sessions and the CEO Mastermind Committee. He is a strong supporter of Eminae’s vision and mission and is always ready to help advisors and business owners work through financial blocks and see what’s possible with the use of financing. He is a recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Jason! You’re certainly appreciated!

Ken Pischel serves Eminae on the Advisory Board Committee and is Chair of the Eminae Education Committee.Great supporter of the Members and the cause of Eminae Network. He is the recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Ken! You are sincerely appreciated!

Jason Helfenbaum serves on the Eminae Education Committee. His warm and encouraging personality makes it easy to discuss SOP strategies with him. Jason is a recipient of Eminae’s Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Jason! You are sincerely appreciated!

Susan Ganz serves Eminae on the Advisory Board and Membership Committees. Susan when called upon, will find the time within her hectic personal and business schedule to assist the cause of Eminae and Members. Susan is the recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations Susan! You are sincerely appreciated!

Winnie Benjamin serves on Eminae’s Education Committee, CEO Mastermind Committee, and Advisory Board. Winnie is known for her candid approach to business performance, with a desire for efficiency and sustainable growth as a measure. She is passionate about supporting the sustainable growth and expansion of Eminae. Winnie is a recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations Winnie! You are sincerely appreciated!

Steve Alberti serves as an Eminae Advisory Board Member and a Member of the Holiday Events Committee. For a number of years, Steve opened his home for the annual Summer Eminae social gatherings. He gladly shares his years of wisdom, especially 40 years of commercial insurance advice. Steve received the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Steve! You are sincerely appreciated!

Doug Lieberman is a super supporter of Eminae Network and its members. He is an Eminae Advisory Board Member and is forever ready to give prudent advice when asked, with a soft, gentle spirit. He is the recipient of the Eminae Contributor Award.

Congratulations, Doug, You are sincerely appreciated!!

Thomas O’Rourke serves Eminae’s Members by sharing wisdom and strategy regarding all things IP and its protection. His selfless willingness to serve in the world of all things IP and patent protections is nothing short of remarkable. Thomas is the recipient of Eminae’s Contributor Award.

Congratulations Thomas! You are sincerely appreciated!!

There are many of our advisors whose names are not mentioned but who provide the same willingness to share their wisdom and advice with the team. It would not be long before they will be at the table of award recognition. Let us all rise and be recognized in 2024!

Thank You, Ladies and Gentlemen, Collectively. 

You are EMINAE and are deeply appreciated!!


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