Andy Jacobs

Andy Jacobs

Creative Marketing Strategist

I head Gravitas Marketing Strategies, a resource for small and mid-market organizations that:

#1… Want and need new thinking to find opportunities in the marketplace developing long term, dependable customer relationships and revenue flow through differentiating brand, targeting properly and creating emotional marketing that motivates actions.

#2… Don’t want to pay the overhead of an over-bloated agency to do #1.

The Gravitas hub and spoke model is simple… we strategize, create, manage and adjust your marketing effort with exactly the right talent you need to maximize your return on advertising spend. Our philosophy is based on what we call the Five Fingers of Marketing: Strategy, Brand, Message, Creative and once you have those ready to rock and roll… the fifth finger is Touchpoints, typically 80%-90% of your budget. Without the first four, the fifth is the middle finger. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

Give me five minutes of your time–that’s all it’ll take for both of us to know if Gravitas is right for you.

A Quick Bio, if you’re interested…

Over the last 40 years, have helped craft and implement marketing programs for over 1,900 B2B and B2C organizations from Fortune 500 divisions to funded start-ups in every industry possible, within a broad range of trade classes.

Until recently I was the VP of Strategy and Biz Dev for Didit, responsible for all client strategy as well as sales. One of the first digital agencies, listed by Ad Age magazine as the 58th largest independent marketing company in the world, a member of the Inc. 500 with 120 employees in four offices on LI, NYC and Boston.

Prior to Didit, I was EVP/Partner at Linx Communications helping clients understand that strategy is the driving force behind successful revenue generating marketing programs. Prior to my 20 years at Linx, I was Managing Partner of Ross & Jacobs, an award winning marketing communications shop for 14 years.

I have served on the executive boards of Make-A-Wish, Business Information Network, LLS, the LI Philharmonic, the LI Ad Club and the Pat Covelli Foundation. A reformed Ironman triathlete and coach, today my triathlon is pairing the right cigar and bourbon, typically in a hot tub. Married for 30+ years I reside in Huntington, NY with two grown children living and working in NYC.