Geoff Bruskin

Managing Partner

Geoff Bruskin is a Senior Talent Acquisition Consultant and M&A Broker specializing in the Public Accounting sector, and more broadly with Service-Oriented Businesses including Financial Advisory/Wealth Management, Law-Firms, Non-Profit, Insurance, Real Estate, and Small Private Investment – namely any service industry within the circle of trust around high-net worth individuals and their closely held businesses.

Geoff cut his teeth recruiting technology executives for Venture and PE backed portfolio companies.  He was then mentored by a PWC emeritus partner and road shot-gun to large M&A transactions and senior talent acquisition initiatives for top Public Accounting and Consulting Firms nationally.

Geoff has run White Tiger Connections for the past 4 years, and takes a solution-centric approach to solving for his client’s succession-planning, and the realization of growth opportunities at critical inflection points where either key-staff or buy / sell side consolidation initiatives are instrumental to achieving the company’s next phase of success.

In his free time Geoff enjoys his family of 5, meeting new people, facilitating business growth and success, and making the world a better place.