Jason Kohl


Jason Kohl has a 30+ year track record of deploying the capital needed for entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses to implement strategic plans and transform their operations. With a keen focus on Long-Term Strategic Planning, Jason helps business owners succeed at any stage. Jason Kohl is an SBA Lender and specialist with Federal Loan Programs which provide 90% or more project financing.

“In my role as both a direct lender and as an independent financing advisor, I’m able to put the correct financing structure in place for business owners. Appropriate capitalization is critical to a company’s strategy and long-term plan.”

Jason earned his MBA from St. John’s University in Queens and in 2010 achieved his CCIM Designation. A CCIM or Certified Commercial Investment Member, is a recognized expert in the Commercial Real Estate field with extensive real-life and academic experience under their belt. Jason’s approach is from a unique perspective due to his CCIM knowledge, tools and contact level. What is a CCIM?  https://www.ccim.com/about-ccim/what-ccim

“My passion for business and fostering business success is what drives me daily and I am proud to have my EMINAE team behind me”.