Sasha Lalite


Sasha Lalite, MPA, PMP is an effective and efficient COO, with over 20 years of experience. She brings unique, multi-disciplinary expertise to organizations. As a dynamic and engaging leader in strategic, operational and cultural transformation, she helps businesses during times of change, growth and transition so that they are sustainable and profitable.

Sasha transformed different organizational structures and attained diverse knowledge by working in various organizations: start-ups, small businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, government, and non-profit advocacy groups. She has extensive experience in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Medical Practices and Professional Services. She works with all industries during times of transition, growth and transition. Sasha’s contributions to these firms included: (i) enterprise-wide strategy; (ii) strategic business transformation; and (iii) management, performance, leadership and team development.

Sasha works cross-functionally with different stakeholders to bring best practices into any business. She has a deep passion for leveraging businesses, people and teams to reach their optimal potential. She realizes that accountability, transparency, strong processes, talent and business solutions result in company loss of time, money, and resources. Ultimately, this affects sustainability and potential growth. I also believe that alignment between vision, practicality, mission and values is essential.

Some of Sasha’s accomplishments include:

  • As COO of a NYC multi-site medical practice, she achieved a 70% increase in employee engagement, accountability and performance through the restructuring of the Human Resources department and organizational design, talent optimization initiatives, leadership and team training.
  • As Head of Clinical Initiatives and Report Analytics of Mt. Sinai Hospital (a top 10 ranked multi-site hospital system nationwide), she improved patient safety measures by 80% and reduced repeat hospital admissions by 50% through operational and clinical analysis and reporting. This resulted in positive business savings, quality of care, competitiveness and employee performance through the engagement of corporate executives, clinical, information technology, medical chiefs, nursing & financial management.
  • As Director of Operations of the U.S. Headquarters for a Global Medical Devices company, she achieved a 50% increase in customer acquisition and satisfaction (higher conversion) through infrastructure re-design, client and product training & development, and product integration and workflow process. She negotiated contracts and finalized business plans, proposals, presentations resulting in 85%+ partner acquisition. Additionally, she achieved 75% improvement in efficiency across global operations through process and administrative re-design, training, and communication initiatives. She also achieved a 40% decrease in inventory management costs through her resourceful techniques, and cost-effective technological/ logistical solutions.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      A graduate of Tufts University and New York University (NYU), Sasha has globally recognized certifications: Community Health, Modern Classroom Certified Trainer (MCCT), Project Management Professional (PMP) and Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Process Certification (ICBB). 

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