Ezra Fireworker

MBA, CSAF - Principal

Dedicated, Cost Accountant, Quality Due Diligence on Business and Property Acquisitions

“Solid Metrics Generates Steady Cashflow”. 

Ezra brings over 20 years of public and private accounting leadership skills from several industries.  He utilizes keen analytical skills, to provide Optimal Decision Making for Mid- Size to Fortune 500 Companies. Commencing at RSM a national Accounting Firm focused on write- ups, audits, economic and tax allocation for Investment Partnerships including Hedge Funds, Broker Dealers, Commercial and Distribution Companies. Assisted Real Estate Companies such as Extell Development to interact and oversee 5 Departments with 502 units and 7 High –end Retail Stores to maintain operations, cash management, Financial Analysis and ease of integration. Ezra assists in Business Planning, Financials, Revenue Streams, Acquisition Underwriting & Analytics, Lease Abstracting and Feasibility for pilot stage companies, vetting Companies before PE ,VC and Real Estate  investors.  Team Oriented and Enjoys spending time with Family and Leisure Sports Activities.